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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1966(01) Uigur and Tibetan Lists of the Indian Lunar MansionsPetri, Winfried
Mar-1966(07) Paper Technology in Medieval IndiaGhori, S.A.K.; Rahman, A.
Mar-1966(04) A Survival of Babylonian Arithmetic in ew Guinea?Price, Derek J De Solla
Mar-1966(03) Stellar Distances: Galileo's Method and Its Subsequent HistoryHoskin, Michael
Mar-1966(01) The Theory of Chemical Combination in Ancient Indian PhilosophiesRay, Priyadaranjan
Mar-1966(08) Binomial Theorem in Ancient IndiaBag, Amulya Kumar
Mar-1966(07) The Indian Doctrine of Five ElemnetsSubbarayappa, V
Mar-1966(02) What was ‘The Scientific Revolution’ ?Ravetz, J R
Mar-1966(05) The Impetus Theory of the VaisesikasSen, S N
Mar-1966(09) Problems of Biological Philisophy with regard to the Philosophy of the UpanisadsRensch, Bernhard
Mar-1966(06) New History of Optical MicroscopeRonchi, Vasco
Jun-1966(09) A Note On the Native Method of Bar Iron Production In South India ( Salem Region)Rahman, A.; Subbarayappa, B.V
Jun-1966(05) The Character of the Introduction of Western Science in India During the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth CenturiesSen, S.N.
Jun-1966(02) Methods of Sterilization and Sex- Determination in the Atharva- Veda and in the Brhad AranyakopanisadRoy, Mira
Jun-1966(03) Trigonometrical Series in the Karanapaddhati and the Probable Date of the TextBag, Amulya Kumar
Jun-1966(06) Characteristics of the History of Science and Technology of Modern JapanTanaka, Minoru
Jun-1966(04) Land Classification in Ancient IndiaRaychaudhuri, S.P.
Jun-1966(08) Botanical Explorations of Victor Jacquemont (1801- 1832)Gupta, Raj Kumar
Mar-1967(05) The Embryonic Development and the Human Body in the Yajnavalkya SmrtiChowdhury, Mamata
Mar-1967(02) An Estimate of the Vaisesika Sutra in the History of ScienceSubbarayappa, B.V.