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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2000(01) A Case For Revising the Date of Vedanga JyotisaAchar, B.N. Narahari
Jun-1978(01) A Critical Evaluation of Mineralogical Aspects of Some Sanskrit TextsMurthy, S.R.N.
Mar-1999(01) A Critical Study of ' Vedic Mathematics' of Sankaracarya Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji MaharajHari, K. Chandra
Dec-2004(01) A New knowledge of Madness- Nineteenth Century Asylum Psychiatry in BengalBasu, Amit Ranjan
Mar-1993(01) A Search for the Earliest Vedic CalendarAbhyankar, K.D.
Mar-1985(01) A Survey of Source MaterialsSarma, K.V
Sep-1999(01) Academy Publication on History of Science-
Jun-2003(01) Agni- Kundas--- A Neglected Area of Study in the History of Ancient Indian MathematicsGupta, R.C.
Jun-1982(01) Agricultural Science and Technology in the Punjab in the Nineteenth CenturySingh, Sukhwant
Mar-1991(01) Alcoholic Fermentation and ITs Products in Ancient IndiaAchaya, K.T
Jun-1991(01) An Anonymous Treatise On PathyapathyaSharma, Priya Vrat
Jun-1979(01) An Occurrrence of Cinnabar in Rasarnav AkalpaMurt, S.R.N.
Mar-1987(01) Announcement's : XVIII International Congress of the History of ScienceMunich; Hamburg
Mar-1984(01) Announcement: Research Fellowships in History of Science In India Project-
Mar-1970(01) Archaeological Sources For the Reconstruction of the History of Science of IndiaDeshpande, M.N.
Mar-1983(01) Arthur Koestler's Osculation With Lamarckism and Neo- LamarckismGershenowitz, Harry
Jun-2002(01) Aryabhata and the Table of RsinesAchar, B.N.Narahari
Sep-2006(01) Atomism of Nyaya- Vaisesika vs jainism- A Scientific AppraisalMishra, Ashok
Dec-1996(01) Beginning of Scientific Observations: Founding of Linguistic Science in India.Shendge, Malati J.